Industrial Cleaning Agent, FLEXOCLEAN

human-&-environment-friendly cleaner

Industrial Cleaning Agent, FLEXOCLEAN
Product outline
Flexoclean product line presents safe and mild cleaning agents with advantage of microbial degradation under consideration of people and environment.Flexoclean is newly developed by Flexoclean Engineering B.V., The Netherlands.
Flexoclean products cover various types of inks; water-based, solvent-based and UV. Flexoclean includes varied cleaning agents from daily use all-round type for printing cylinder, anilox, printing plate, ink pan, ink tank, circulation hose and other press parts, up till periodical use agents for clog and heavy stain.
Most of Flexoclean products are non-flammable, low-volatile, not applicable to organic solvent poisoning prevention regulation, nor specified chemical substances injury prevention regulation (Japanese Industrial Safety & Health Law). Strong acid/alkali or high volatile organic solvent is not included. Without security fear, Flexoclean can be used.
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