Cleaning System

VUV-W Type/ High Efficiency Type Cleaner Head
VUV-W Type

Realizing less blower motor capacity, less footprint and, above all, less investment cost.

Unique profile of VUV-W enables collecting all the particles, blown by ultrasonic air, with the suction nozzles located at the both side of an ultrasonic discharge air nozzle. Further it enables using less blower motor capacity in comparison with existing models so that realize significant cost reduction at the time of introduction as well as at actual production.

Cleaning performance is effectively improved by unique profile of VUV-W.
Ultrasonic discharge air nozzle is located at the center of cleaning head that enables air discharge direction vertically to the substrate (*Air knife effect) while suction nozzles are located at the both side of an ultrasonic discharge air nozzle to avoid air leakage and also collect all the blown particles.
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Cleaing Test and Results
The test was conducted in our Class 100 Clean Room.
The test results show that particles of 3 μm spacer beads were 100% removed at operating pressure of 12 kPa.
Test details
*Material : PET film
*Particles : 3 μm floating particles
*Pressure range : 12 kPa
*Gap between material and cleaner : Approx. 2 mm
*Line speed : 200 mm/sec
*Evaluation method : Microscopic photos
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