Cleaning System

UVU-W Type/ New Ultra Cleaner
UVU-W Type

Particle Removal Capacity Beyond the Limits

of the Microscopic World.

A patented Ultrasonic Pressure, Vacuum, Ultrasonic Pressure design combined with very high ultrasonic output power provides unparalleled cleaning effectiveness. The new UVU-W is the most effective dry cleaning system available.

  1. 100% removal of particles down to 1.6 μm.
  2. Many wave peaks produced by multi-wave ultrosonic generator, together with a high average output level of 132.8dB, contribute to removing particles regardless of their shapes.
  3. Turbulent flow caused by collision of ultrasonic waves helps to break the boundary layer and separate trapped particles.
  4. Bi-directional air flow efficiently removes particles regardless of their orientation on the web.
  5. Shinko's high tech manufacturing technology produces a thinner, more uniform nozzle while maintaining high rigidity. This technology contributes to minimizing required blower capacity and maintaining consistant cleaning performance along the etire active width of the cleaner.
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Cleaing Test and Results
The test was conducted in our Class 100 Clean Room.
The test results show that particles of 1.6 μm spacer beads were 100% removed at operating pressure of 14 kPa.
Test details
*Particles :1.6 μm spacer beads
*Pressure range : 14 kPa
*Gap between material and cleaner : Approx. 1.5 mm
*Line speed : 100 mm/sec
*Evaluation method : Surface inspection device (GI-4830)
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