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Cleaning Performance beyond the Limits of Microscopic World.
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Cleaning System
Ultrasonic Dry Type CleanerNon-contact type Ultrasonic Dry cleaning System.
Sensitive material can be cleaned without scratches.
Viscosity Control System
Viscosity Control SystemAutomatic control of viscosity of ink, varnish and glue for Gravure, Flexo Printing, Dry Laminator, Coater and 2-Component Varnish.
ESA(Electrostatic Print Assist System)   Ionizer
(Electrostatic Print Assist System)
Improve gravure printing quality by changing impression roll cover to semi-conductive rubber.
Very high electrostatic ionizing performance by Direct Current.
Japanese Explosion Proof Certificate Approved.
German PTB Certificate Approved.
Industrial cleaning agent
Viscosity Control System"FlexoClean" introducing human-&-environment-friendly cleaning agent for printing parts; cylinder, printing plate, ink pan, piping hose, and other accessories. Without harm it cleans parts contaminated in every type of printing work.

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